Antidote to Smelly Sports Bags !

14 July 2002


Does your sports bag smell like something died in it ? Help is at hand in the form of an antibacterial sports bag invented by researchers at Auburn University in Alabama, US. Dave Worsley and his team have developed polyester fibres than kill the bacteria responsible for bad odours. The team linked chemical groups called halamines to polyester fibres which can then be woven into garments. When the material is washed in bleach, containing chlorine, the halamines are changed to chloramines, which kill bugs on contact. As the bacteria are killed the chlorine is used up, but the material can be replenished again merely by washing in bleach. Scientists develop self-cleaning suit with built in odour-control. Show about MRSA, superbugs, phage therapy, bdellovibrio and antibiotic resistance


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