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16 June 2019

Holes in the Antarctic sea ice have been forming for decades, and are a mystery to science.

09 June 2019

If countries increase their commitment to climate action, large cities could save thousands of lives.

20 May 2019

Destroyed structures have been found as glass particles in sand.

10 May 2019

Meet T-Rex's pint-sized ancestor, revealed after twenty years of mystery...

02 May 2019

How much do plastic bags break down in three years?

12 April 2019

Renewable energy offers a better pathway to tackle climate change than capturing CO2, according to a new study

22 February 2019

Lab-grown meat: should we 'steak' our future on it?

19 February 2019

Bacteria may be tricking animals into eating microplastics

02 February 2019

New techniques make carbon capture 24% better...

01 February 2019

Scientists learn more about how a Martian mountain formed...

17 January 2019

Desalination plants are pumping out 50% more toxic brine waste than previously thought...

11 January 2019

Rare pigments found clinging to the teeth of a 1000 year old skeleton are enabling scientists to paint a colourful...

24 December 2018

Fossil flowers from 200 million years ago discovered in China...

26 October 2018

Mass coral bleaching in 2016 has affected the fierce butterfly fish.

17 May 2018

Using data gathered by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Satellite (GRACE) from 2002 to 2016, a team at NASA Goddard...

09 February 2018

Or do we have to choose?

15 December 2017

How the building blocks of life might have formed

01 December 2017

Scientists have discovered the key reefs that could save other reefs from destruction...

28 September 2017

Debris swept away by the 2011 Japanese tsunami has carried hundreds of new species across the Pacific Ocean to the...

21 September 2017

Scientists have a new best estimate for our remaining carbon budget, but does this bring new hope?

15 September 2017

Previous laboratory estimates of tectonic plate strength have failed to match estimates of strength from real world...

17 August 2017

The largest volcanic range on Earth lurks below an ice sheet in Antarctica, according to researchers at The University...

18 July 2017

Researchers at the University of Stanford have found that as oil fields age they can produce up to ten times more...

07 April 2017

With photosynthesis levels rising, could plants be the key to combating climate change?