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23 July 2015

Clouds formed by plankton are much brighter than those formed by pollution and could be used to help combat climate...

03 July 2015

Pits dotted across the surface of comet 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko point to a hollow interior, according to new data...

18 June 2015

Evaporating water can be used as an energy source to generate electricity using bacterial spores found in soil.

11 June 2015

By applying designs from nature to engineering problems, your heating bills could be reduced as nature-inspired designs...

05 June 2015

Bleached Caribbean corals compromise on greedier temperature-resistant symbionts...

07 May 2015

A 'super-Earth' water planet could actually be volcanic, changing our understanding of volcanism and plate...

11 April 2015

That the Earth's Moon owes its origins to a cosmic collision four-and-a-half billion years ago seems increasingly...

27 March 2015

Living in an area with high pollution levels could lead to increased stroke and anxiety risk.

23 March 2015

Kites flown over Hawaii are teaching scientists about the history of Mars.

21 March 2015

Snowfall in Antarctica will increase due to global warming, but this could make the ice melt faster, scientists in...

06 February 2015

Scientists have caught a glimpse of the underside of a tectonic plate...

27 January 2015

Humidity and temperature are key factors in the ability to form complex tones.

22 January 2015

Herculaneum scrolls read for first time in 2000 years thanks to X-ray technology.

16 January 2015

Space ice contains the chemical building blocks for life

15 December 2014

Plastic debris adrift in the Earth's oceans poses a very real threat to both marine life and human health.

14 November 2014

The environment people live in can predict their religious beliefs, says biggest global study of its kind.

14 November 2014

Lightening strikes will happen twice as often as climate changes, says new Californian research.

02 October 2014

A "drought emergency" in California, but how much is climate change to blame? Research from Stanford...

18 September 2014

Poor workmanship and materials are to blame for fracking-related contamination of water supplies, new research has...

25 July 2014

Seals use offshore wind farms as bases for their hunting and fishing exploits, new research has shown.

17 July 2014

Many people will have noticed the moon looking especially big and bright recently. This is because of a phenomenon...

10 July 2014

Researchers have uncovered a surprising genetic connection between the development of language in humans and learning...

04 July 2014

Higher carbon dioxide levels expected next century cause fish to struggle to find their school friends, new research...

27 June 2014

Electricity-producing "photovoltaic" solar panels may be about to become a lot lighter and a lot cheaper,...