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11 June 2015

Batteries that can stretch up to 150% their original size could revolutionise the design of wearable technology...

18 May 2015

The Soviets were the first to send a man into space, so why are so many Russian spacecraft failing since?

18 May 2015

Do planes need better cyber security? Ethical hacker Chris Roberts hacked an aeroplane engine - in flight - and...

02 May 2015

Exposure to radiation during space travel damages brain tissue and affects performance, a new study has shown.

17 April 2015

A mirror that cannot get dirty and a meshwork capable of instantly separating oil from water, have been developed by...

19 March 2015

A revolutionary form of 3D-printing has been unveiled by researchers in the US.

19 February 2015

Miniature atom-sized holes inside diamonds can dramatically alter the colour of the crystal, a new super-powerful...

22 January 2015

New super-metal surfaces fashioned with a laser are so water repellent they can wash away dirt with only a tiny amount...

19 September 2014

Use your chatterbox co-workers to power the entire office's electronics...

31 July 2014

It has been announced by the government that driverless cars will be trialed on the roads of the UK by January 2015.

27 June 2014

Electricity-producing "photovoltaic" solar panels may be about to become a lot lighter and a lot cheaper,...

20 June 2014

Using bacteria to break down lignin, a woody byproduct of paper production, may be the key to creating a renewable...

20 June 2014

Mountaintop exploded off to make way for world's largest telescope

24 April 2014

This week, a teenage boy survived the 5 hour flight from California to Hawaii, in the wheel well of a plane. How...

11 April 2014

A computer has come up with the best way to recover from jetlag, according to new research.

27 March 2014

A black box recorder might hold the most clues to how Malaysian Airways Flight MH370 crashed - but how do they work?

20 March 2014

With the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 still missing after nearly two weeks, some people are asking how you can lose...

19 February 2014

The Winter Olympics are finishing in Sochi, Russia this week. But how is science involved in grabbing gold on the...

10 February 2014

The first prosthetic hand has been developed that allows its user to actually feel what they are touching, in real time.

06 February 2014

Scientists have copied the structure of bone to create strong yet light synthetic materials...

05 January 2014

Graphene looks set to enter mass market manufacturing in 2014...

05 January 2014

China has the world’s most ambitious space programme, and 2014 will see the nation take some important steps forward...

27 November 2013

Scientists have engineered a surface that rejects water droplets 40% faster than had been thought feasible.

21 November 2013

A surface has been designed which stays incredibly dry.