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10 February 2014

The first prosthetic hand has been developed that allows its user to actually feel what they are touching, in real time.

06 February 2014

Scientists have copied the structure of bone to create strong yet light synthetic materials...

05 January 2014

China has the world’s most ambitious space programme, and 2014 will see the nation take some important steps forward...

05 January 2014

Graphene looks set to enter mass market manufacturing in 2014...

27 November 2013

Scientists have engineered a surface that rejects water droplets 40% faster than had been thought feasible.

21 November 2013

A surface has been designed which stays incredibly dry.

20 October 2013

The fundamental role of sleep might be to flush the brain of more than just unwanted thoughts, scientists have...

13 September 2013

A species of insect that employs gears on its back legs to coordinate its leaping movements has been described by...

22 August 2013

Could trains be built to travel as fast as jet liners?

25 July 2013

Ultra-lightweight electronics fashioned from thin plastic films that can be formed into microcircuits have been...

18 July 2013

Claudia and Priya give you the facts about human powered flight

27 June 2013

Researchers have developed a fuel cell that runs on tears, which they say could power lens-mounted glucose sensors for...

13 June 2013

Engineers and biologists are working together to produce bacteria capable of repairing concrete...

30 May 2013

Optics develop to send 400Gbits per second down an optical fibre 12800km long and could reduce the price and increase...

30 May 2013

Just one return trip to Mars would eat up about two-thirds of an astronaut's lifetime "safe" dose of...

23 May 2013

Scientists have used 3D printing techniques to construct a new trachea to successfully treat a child born with airway...

09 May 2013

The fate of one of the world's main sources of helium is about to be decided - and prices are set to soar sky high...

09 May 2013

A “cloaking device”, capable of rendering objects invisible to microwave light, has been produced using a 3-D printer.

09 May 2013

This week the world's first gun made entirely from a 3D printer was successfully fired. Here's the...

02 May 2013

A new floating material has been developed which can soak up oil spills, in the ongoing fight against water pollution.

24 April 2013

As you increase an LED's power, the efficiency tends to droop. A team of researchers have worked out why.

18 April 2013

A polymer nanosuit to protect insects in a vacuum, technique inspired by nature.

11 April 2013

In 2008 two and a half times the legal limit of Arsenic was found in a test on Italian beer. But how did it get there?

10 April 2013

Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide could lead to more clear-air turbulence, leading to bumpier and more expensive...