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05 June 2019

Heart plasters to replace heart muscle in patients recovering from a heart attack

30 May 2019

Could iron deficiency in the cells of the heart lead to heart failure?

21 May 2019

Does drinking order dictate hangover intensity. Cambridge scientists investigated...

21 May 2019

An app can detect middle ear fluid signalling infections in babies and children...

16 May 2019

Could bacteria-killing viruses succeed where antibiotics fail?

12 May 2019

Should there be a limit on how much testosterone a woman can have?

03 May 2019

The largest ever genome-wide study of bipolar has found important new genetic links.

27 April 2019

A system to produce a hydrogel around grafted cells can revolutionise wound repair...

26 April 2019

Human beards contain more bacteria, and potentially more harmful bacteria, than dog fur, a study has shown...

26 April 2019

Matching more patients to treatments without any additional testing.

19 April 2019

Immune stimulants injected into a cancer turn the tumour into a vaccine site to fight the disease...

15 April 2019

Could light help to treat blindness in premature babies?

05 April 2019

New wearable cancer blood-testing device plugs directly into patients’ veins to test continuously.

08 March 2019

For the second time in history, HIV has been successfully cleared from a patient’s blood stream...

03 March 2019

Injection needles that automatically administer drugs in just the right place have been developed by US scientists...

13 February 2019

A new device turns injections into drugs you can swallow...

09 February 2019

How understandable speech has been reconstructed from brain activity...

09 February 2019

Scientists pinpoint the part of the brain that triggers laughter

08 February 2019

A compound curbs mosquito appetite...

06 February 2019

A new discovery paves the way for a novel pre-eclampsia treatment...

02 February 2019

A new approach to contraception, this time for men, is being developed by researchers in China...

01 February 2019

The molecule that makes memories fade...

25 January 2019

A rocking bed experiment made adults fall asleep faster

24 January 2019

Running a temperature improves our infection-fighting ability...