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23 November 2017

Mice exposed to allergens pass on protective proteins to offspring through breastfeeding

23 November 2017

Dolly the cloned sheep didn't have early-onset arthritis, a new study looking at her skeleton has concluded.

23 November 2017

Cancers carry microbes with them when they spread around the body, suggesting that bacteria might promote the process,...

23 November 2017

New hair-thin brain probe could revolutionise how we record brain activity

23 November 2017

A chemical released by intestinal worms to prevent the immune system attacking them has been isolated by scientists in...

19 November 2017

Scientists have developed a new method of growing liver cancer cells in the lab, which could greatly improve our...

16 November 2017

Every step you take, every click you make, someone's watching you...

10 November 2017

New study measures mechanisms for reversal of Type 2 diabetes in rats.

09 November 2017

Carbon nanotubes could be as bad for you as asbestos, a new UK study has shown.

09 November 2017

Doctors in Germany have used gene therapy to grow a complete new epidermis for a boy with a life-threatening inherited...

06 November 2017

Scientists have found evidence that baseline sleep prior to fear learning is associated with reduced activity in brain...

02 November 2017

Drugs present in wastewater used to irrigate farmland can affect the growth and development of insects feeding on...

02 November 2017

Whether a cancer patient responds to certain treatments is dictated by the the bacteria they carry in their intestines...

24 October 2017

A diabetes drug also treats acute myeloid leukaemia...

12 October 2017

A cholesterol injection can reduce the damage done by a heart attack, new research has shown.

12 October 2017

Fever during pregnancy might cause development heart and facial abnormalities, a new study has shown.

11 October 2017

Being able to pick your own workout could have benefits even after you hang up those dumbells.

05 October 2017

Three quarters of the world's honey is laced with neonicotinoid insecticides, a new study has shown this week.

05 October 2017

The condition polycystic kidney disease, also known as PKD, has been recreated using stem cells in a culture dish by...

05 October 2017

A gene therapy technique that can help to repair the retina and restore lost vision has been tested successfully on...

28 September 2017

A dipstick test that can rapidly and accurately tell Zika infection from dengue has been developed by US researchers.

21 September 2017

A gene therapy technique that can halt the progression of a condition resembling multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice has...

14 September 2017

Could bacteria be conspiring with cancer to block the action of chemotherapy drugs?