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20 May 2016

Mars was once home to enormous tidal waves, new evidence suggests.

03 March 2016

The first step towards a space-based gravitational wave telescope has been tested successfully by the European Space...

15 January 2016

One of the biggest astronomical explosions ever seen has been spotted in a galaxy far, far away.

13 November 2015

The early Earth was awash with water, new research has shown.

10 September 2015

Impatient physicists in Durham are floating a huge balloon- mounted telescope out of the Earth's atmosphere in...

03 July 2015

Pits dotted across the surface of comet 67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko point to a hollow interior, according to new data...

19 June 2015

As big as a golf ball seen from 10 million km away, scientists have weighed the smallest planet yet discovered orbiting...

16 June 2015

The Philae lander, deployed onto the surface of comet 67-P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014, has begun to to send back...

18 May 2015

The Soviets were the first to send a man into space, so why are so many Russian spacecraft failing since?

07 May 2015

A 'super-Earth' water planet could actually be volcanic, changing our understanding of volcanism and plate...

02 May 2015

Exposure to radiation during space travel damages brain tissue and affects performance, a new study has shown.

11 April 2015

That the Earth's Moon owes its origins to a cosmic collision four-and-a-half billion years ago seems increasingly...

23 March 2015

Kites flown over Hawaii are teaching scientists about the history of Mars.

26 February 2015

The cosmic gales from black holes could be putting a hault to new, nearby stars forming...

30 January 2015

This week Earth was treated to a fly-past by an asteroid with its own moon...

30 January 2015

A system of 11-billion-year-old Earth-sized planets has been discovered, increasing the likelihood of finding...

16 January 2015

Space ice contains the chemical building blocks for life

15 December 2014

Lasers simulate asteroid and comet impacts and create the building blocks of DNA - in a lab!

28 November 2014

DNA smeared on the outside of a rocket launched into space survived the flight and re-entry, and may contaminate...

17 July 2014

Many people will have noticed the moon looking especially big and bright recently. This is because of a phenomenon...

20 June 2014

Mountaintop exploded off to make way for world's largest telescope

05 June 2014

A massive planet twice the size and 17 times the mass of Earth has been announced by scientists at NASA.

03 April 2014

Gravity measurements suggest the Saturnian moon Enceladus has a subsurface ocean lurking 30 kilometres below the icy...

31 March 2014

Planetary scientists are getting very excited this week as it's announced the discovery of a dwarf planet...