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04 September 2011

Tiny gold rods may give us almost complete control over light waves.

07 August 2011

Nasa has launched 3 lego men on their way to Jupiter

01 July 2011

Airplanes punching their way through clouds near major airports can increase local precipitation...

19 June 2011

Porous molecules, useful in a huge range of applications including separating chemicals and catalysing reactions, may...

05 June 2011

The largest ever DNA computer has been built, which might help build diagnostic tests or even understand cells.

05 June 2011

Materials are normally either hard and brittle or soft and weak, but now they might be able to be electrically tuneable.

26 May 2011

A material that temporarily transforms itself into a "permanent" magnet when a small voltage is applied has...

23 May 2011

Scientists have developed a sugar-fuelled chemical filter to clean up contaminated water.

03 April 2011

Fridges that are powered by heat are being improved

27 March 2011

This week scientists from Harvard and The University of Science and Technology of China have worked out how the lily...

13 March 2011

A way of making minute cameras cheaper than ever before has been developed.

06 March 2011

With a breakthrough that could hasten the arrival of a new generation of even more powerful microprocessors, scientists...

13 February 2011

Seeking to overcome the poor attendances at cardiac rehab classes by patients recovering from heart attacks and surgery...

16 January 2011

Tougher glasses have been developed than ever before that can both be strong and impact resistant

16 January 2011

A quicker cheaper way of making computer chips has been developed that allows small numbers of a chip to be made...

14 January 2011

Photons that can be stored and emitted from a crystal could be the next step in realising quantum communication. It...

09 January 2011

For many, just the distant sound of a dental drill is enough to elicit a cold sweat, let alone having to endure it...

09 January 2011

Despite their suave appeal, convertible cars could have to carry a health warning owing to the threat they pose to the...

19 December 2010

Does owning a lightweight carbon fibre bike cut down your commuting time? Contrary to expectations, a trial carried out...

12 December 2010

The strategies uesd by falcons may be useful for glider pilots and unmanned air vehicles

12 December 2010

A new extra high density ultracapacitor has been built with a similar energy density to batteries.

25 November 2010

New evidence from Galaxy Zoo suggests that galaxies with a central bar are more likely to contain older, red stars,...

14 November 2010

When are you at your happiest? Research published this week shows that we are most happy when we’re concentrating on...

31 October 2010

New way of making washing machine resistant waterproof cotton fabric.