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22 November 2013

A new way to spot cancerous cells speedily, by looking at their stiffness, has been developed by US scientists.

22 November 2013

The world record has been broken for the most satellites launched aboard a single rocket.

21 November 2013

A surface has been designed which stays incredibly dry.

15 November 2013

A map tracking deforestation and tree replanting has been produce by Google, NASA and the University of Maryland...

11 November 2013

There's a lot of traffic on it's way to the little red planet right now. Why?

31 October 2013

International computer giant IBM has unveiled its vision for a "supercomputer in a sugarcube" powered by...

22 September 2013

Google have teamed up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to get make software development tools available to children.

19 September 2013

This week, salvage experts have been trying to raise the capsized Costa Concordia...

04 September 2013

The 'Walkie Talkie' in London has been damaging cars this week by acting as a parabolic reflector, targeting...

28 August 2013

An expert has said that he’s deeply worried about cooling water leaks at Fukushima. But how does nuclear power work?

28 August 2013

The most accurate clock ever made, accurate to one second in ten billion years...

22 August 2013

Could trains be built to travel as fast as jet liners?

15 August 2013

Using a protein from squids, US scientists have created an infrared invisibility cloak.

08 August 2013

Device tells smart phone how fast you’re burning fat and could help patients to control diabetes...

08 August 2013

A Japanese toilet manufacturer has found that their high-tech models are susceptible to hackers...

31 July 2013

A tiny diamond-based sensor 1/50,000th of a millimetre across can be used to measure the temperature at specific points...

25 July 2013

Ultra-lightweight electronics fashioned from thin plastic films formed into microcircuits have been developed in Japan...

25 July 2013

A clotting-control system based on laser-activated nanoparticles has been developed by scientists in the US.

18 July 2013

Claudia and Priya give you the facts about human powered flight

17 July 2013

A scalpel that can discriminate healthy and cancerous tissue can tell surgeons if tumours have been completely removed...

11 July 2013

A solar-powered medical steriliser for third world countries uses nanoparticles to produce a scalding jet of bug-...

04 July 2013

Nuclear fallout from Cold War nuclear tests could help to identify poached ivory...

04 July 2013

A new diagnostic technique is enabling scientists to listen to red blood cells for signs of disease.

27 June 2013

Researchers have developed a fuel cell that runs on tears, which they say could power lens-mounted glucose sensors for...