Does Prince Andrew not sweat in nightclubs?

And if dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why the need to get so close to another dog's bum to sniff it?
22 November 2019
Presented by Chris Smith with Kieno Kammies, 567 CapeTalk. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Music decks in a nightclub


Do flu jabs really work? What's a TB gland? Can Prince Andrew really not sweat? Why does pinching your nose halt a sneeze? How old is the Earth and how do we know? If dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why get so close to a turd to sniff it? Why does tiredness cause bags under the eyes? And what's the best time of day to clean teeth, morning or night? Want to know the answer, join Dr Chris Smith and Kieno Kammies to find out...


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