Food micronutrient-protecting capsules

Sensitive to stomach acid, it only releases vitamins inside you but protects them in the packet and cooking pot...
21 November 2019
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Pots of cooked food


If you have access to a healthy, balanced diet, hopefully you'll be getting adequate supply of micronutrients. Going without can lead to serious health consequences. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in kids globally, and is a major public health issue in some parts of the world. Fortifying foods is one solution, but things like heat, UV, and moisture can degrade the vitamins and minerals in the food, leaving little left for absorption by the body. This week, scientists from MIT announced that they've made a dissolvable polymer capsule which can shield micronutrients added to staple foods like bread and maize porridge from the environmental stresses that can otherwise degrade them. To find out more, Katie Haylor spoke to author Ana Jaklenec...


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