Why sugared cucumber might taste like melon

Is the TikTok meme correct? Also, where clouds go, how touchscreens work, and do exhausts last longer these days?!
21 May 2021
Presented by Chris Smith with Lester Kiewit, 567 CapeTalk. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Cucumber slices.


This week, expiry dates on vaccines: what happens if I get a Covid-19 jab that's expired? Also, chemically-speaking what is a smell and how does the body's olfactory (smelling) system work? Why does the smell of fruits change during the ripening process? And why might sugar on cucumber taste like melon? Do some people inherit genes that mean some smells are inapparent to them? When clouds disappear, where have they gone? Why does my nose run when I walk? How does a cellphone touchscreen work? And why do car exhausts seem to last longer these days? 


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