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20 March 2015

What causes thunder and lightning? Can you compress light?

13 March 2015

How do satellites stay in orbit? What is the sun made of?

06 March 2015

Can you rewind the radio? Can candles give you cancer?

27 February 2015

Why do I get a stitch when I exercise? Why do ropes get tangled up in knots?

20 February 2015

Why does stress give me knots in my stomach? How does sun cream work?

06 February 2015

Can we manufacture water? Can animals predict the weather? Plus, counting chickens.

30 January 2015

How do people get drunk? Why do we get brain freeze? Why do clouds form?

23 January 2015

What are phantom limbs ? Can power stations affect local weather? Plus, avoiding jet lag

16 January 2015

Why don't animals in the wild die during child birth? Do babies make you forgetful?

09 January 2015

Why can't mobile phones have longer lasting batteries? Is there a cure for vertigo

02 January 2015

How do chameleons change colour? Why do pigeons bob their heads? How do railguns work?

19 December 2014

How do I get my pen to work? Why can't mules reproduce? How do touch screens work?

12 December 2014

How do birds lay eggs? Why is it so hard to lose stomach fat?

28 November 2014

Do dogs in different countries understand each other? Why do banana skins go black?

21 November 2014

What's the latest on Ebola? Can comets reveal the future? Why are kettles so loud?

14 November 2014

Is it possible to regrow brain cells? Why can't spiders fly?

07 November 2014

Why are yawns contagious? How important is your sense of smell? What causes cataracts?

31 October 2014

Growing a stomach, surviving Ebola and homosexual dolphins...

24 October 2014

Why do people talk to themselves? Can cats cut your risk of a heart attack?

10 October 2014

Why do I sneeze in bright light? Can the radio control my dreams?

03 October 2014

Why did dinosaurs grow so large? Do flies have blood? Why do scorpions glow in UV light?

26 September 2014

What makes some people sleepwalk? Why does red wine stain your lips?

19 September 2014

How do people catch ebola? Can you re-freeze meat? Can you be born circumcised?

05 September 2014

Why spaghetti breaks into 3 pieces, why 1 kidney is enough and what is temperature?