BepiColombo lobster eyes and Apollo legends

How BepiColombo looked down on Mercury as it flew by recently...
01 November 2021
Presented by Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson


Charlie Brown and Snoopy join Apollo 10


After BepiColombo’s recent flyby of Mercury, Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson hear from the University of Leicester’s Dr Charly Feldman about its onboard lobster eye optics and their increasing use in new spacecraft. They’re also joined by the UK Space Agency's Liz Cox on the importance of space when it comes to climate change, and the legendary NASA engineer Jerry Woodfill - whose career there is 55 years and counting - talks about Apollo 1 and Apollo 10. And, yes, there are plenty of Snoopy references!


Enjoyed the recent podcast but am concerned by the effect of billionaires. I strongly agree with the benefits of space exploration but the money spent on putting obscenely wealthy people into space could surely be better spent particularly as each launch harms our environment.

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