The First American Spacewalk

10 August 2012


This month on the Space Boffins Podcast, we will be exploring strange new worlds, discovering a Swedish spaceport, and celebrating the first American space walk. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson meet the team sending a mobile phone-based satellite into orbit, explore Kepler the man and Kepler the mission, and delve into the archives of Gemini 4 mission control...

In this episode

STRaND-1 - the Satellite Built around a Mobile Phone
with Dr Chris Bridges, University of Surrey & Shaun Kenyon, Surrey Satellite Technology

Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission
with Dr Stuart Clark

How to Build a Comet
with Dr Sheila Kanani, UCL

Space Tourism in Sweden
with Karin Nilsdotter, Spaceport Sweden

Celebrating Gemini 4 - The first American Spacewalk
with Gemini 4 Mission Control and Crew


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