The First American Spacewalk

10 August 2012


This month on the Space Boffins Podcast, we will be exploring strange new worlds, discovering a Swedish spaceport, and celebrating the first American space walk. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson meet the team sending a mobile phone-based satellite into orbit, explore Kepler the man and Kepler the mission, and delve into the archives of Gemini 4 mission control...

In this episode

Mobile phone

STRaND-1 - the Satellite Built around a Mobile Phone
with Dr Chris Bridges, University of Surrey & Shaun Kenyon, Surrey Satellite Technology

Johannes Kepler, c. 1610

Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission
with Dr Stuart Clark

Comet Hartley 2, taken from the deep impact spacecraft as part of the EPOXI mission

How to Build a Comet
with Dr Sheila Kanani, UCL

The Northern Lights (aurora borealis)

Space Tourism in Sweden
with Karin Nilsdotter, Spaceport Sweden

 This photograph was taken early in the EVA over a cloud-covered Pacific Ocean. Astronaut Edward H. White II, pilot for the Gemini-Titan 4 space flight, floats in zero gravity of space. The extravehicular activity was performed during the third...

Celebrating Gemini 4 - The first American Spacewalk
with Gemini 4 Mission Control and Crew


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