Riding on a Space Sofa

Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham bring news of space sofas and Martian sunsets...
10 April 2016
Presented by Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson


ExoMars launch


Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham bring news of space sofas, super flat floors and Martian sunsets. They are joined at The Open University by ExoMars mission principal investigator Dr Manish Patel to discuss his work on the NOMAD instrument, which is currently on its way to Mars on board the recently launched spacecraft, and how you prepare for success and failure. Richard also reports from Alabama, gliding across NASA's Flat Floor Facility on a bed of air beneath a giant solar sail. While having fun at NASA's Marshall Spaceflight Centre in Huntsville, he hears about NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Scout mission and goes inside the control room responsible for overseeing all the science on the International Space Station and communicating with two astronauts called Tim.


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