Space, Boffins & Rock Stars

Queen guitarist Brian May adds some celebrity stardust and the Space Boffins present from the British Interplanetary Society.
10 February 2018
Presented by Sue Nelson, Richard Hollingham

Space boffins

Space boffins


Queen guitarist, rock star and astronomer Brian May adds some celebrity stardust and big hair on this month’s podcast for the launch of the 2019 Starmus Festival. May talks about the essential humanity of a science, arts and music overlap and reveals that he’s been quietly contributing to not one, but two space missions. Also on the podcast, Britain’s first astronaut Helen Sharman discusses the future of orbiting space stations and Chris Welch bigs up the International Space University and explains why he has a Project Juno poster. Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are presenting the podcast from the British Interplanetary Society alongside Spaceflight magazine editor and former NASA engineer David Baker for an informed romp through space history to answer a listener’s letter.


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