Space junk, giant claws and dark skies

Clearing up space debris and dead satellites, and tackling the issue of light pollution...
28 July 2023
Presented by Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson
Production by Richard Hollingham.


Space Debris grabber, from Clearspace


This month it's all about the space environment – how do you remove space debris from orbit and make space more sustainable? Hosts Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined by science journalist, author and Communications Director for the Earth Space Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) Dr Stuart Clark. They hear about the new royally-endorsed Astra Carta and innovative missions to remove dead satellites. Are claws, magnets or harpoons the answer and will we act before it's too late? Nick Shave of Astroscale and Clearspace's Rory Holmes explain their missions. Plus, Richard heads to Cardiff to meet with a group tackling light pollution, including Dr Robert Massey from the Royal Astronomical Society and Dark Skies Officer for Wales, Dani Robertson. Dani tells us that the night sky can be so light that some people have never seen the Moon.

Production also by Katie Porter.


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