15 June 2020
Presented by Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson
Production by Richard Hollingham.


The Apollo 8 crew


It’s all about legends this month in Space Boffins. Following the successful Crew Dragon launch, Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman talks to Richard about the terrors of splashdown and Sue speaks to Shuttle astronaut and record-breaking aquanaut Kathy Sullivan about the choreography of spacewalking. The boffins are joined by - legendary - children’s TV presenter Gareth Jones and also hear about a new UK-controlled mission to remove space debris and listen to the latest (and only) release from Kraftwurst.


Here'a link to the moment mentioned in the podcast where during my lockdown livestream I introduce my Kraftwurst Song Lunokhod, and explain the background to it. https://youtu.be/rhyyoNlfurY?t=2466

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