Meet Mike Eisen

eLife has a new Editor-in-Chief. Who is he, and what are his plans for the journal?
01 June 2019
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Chris Smith.


Mike Eisen, Editor-in-Chief, eLife


In 2019, eLife appointed UC Berkeley geneticist Mike Eisen as the new Editor-in-Chief. His role is to drive the on-going development of eLife and steer the journal through the evolving landscape of science publishing. Ever since his institutional library thwarted his efforts, over 20 years ago, to download papers for his research project, Eisen has been a powerful proponent of the value of the open access movement. Chris Smith went to see him to hear his views on how science publishing needs to change, what he has planned for eLife, and how he almost became a radio sports commentator...


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