Naked Astronomy AstroFest Special

25 February 2012
Presented by Ben Valsler.

Is an asteroid impact more likely than winning the lottery? What can Moon rock tell us about the Earth? And how did a biology teacher discover a new astronomical object? In this Naked Astronomy AstroFest special, we'll ask if the Kepler observatory is ushering in a new scientific revolution, meet Hanny van Arkel, who discovered Hanny's Voorwerp on citizen science project Galaxy Zoo and find out why one former MP thinks we should be concerned about being hit by an asteroid...

In this episode

01:29 - Understanding the Aurora

Understanding the Aurora
with Paal Brekke, Norwegian Space Agency

06:20 - The New Keplerian Revolution

The New Keplerian Revolution
with Professor Don Kurtz, University of Central Lancashire

14:55 - Explaining AstroFest

Explaining AstroFest
with Ian Ridpath, Astronomy writer and AstroFest Organiser

20:57 - Hanny's Voorwerp & Citizen Science

Hanny's Voorwerp & Citizen Science
with Hanny van Arkel, Citizen Scientist

26:32 - Looking to the Moon to Understand the Earth

Looking to the Moon to Understand the Earth
with Noah Petro, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre

34:13 - What's Happening in Andromeda?

What's Happening in Andromeda?
with Andy Newsam, National Schools Observatory

38:37 - Better Understanding of Brown Dwarfs

Better Understanding of Brown Dwarfs
with David Pinfield, University of Hertfordshire

47:18 - Being Prepared for Near Earth Objects

Being Prepared for Near Earth Objects
with Lembit Opik, Former MP and NEO Campaigner

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