The latest genetics news and breakthroughs from the DNA world. Join us to take a look inside your genes...

14 September 2017

Would you ever consider donating your genome to research? We meet a man who has, and find out why.

14 August 2017

As scientists use CRISPR technology to fix a faulty gene in a human embryo, we take a look at storing, writing and...

11 July 2017

How are our genes linked to dementia risk?

14 June 2017

We’re literally getting inside our genes, as we explore chromosomes through a 3-dimensional virtual reality art, music...

14 May 2017

This month we’re zooming in on cancer, finding out how researchers are tackling tumours in unprecedented detail.

14 April 2017

We might joke about the battle of the sexes, but it turns out that this is actually true - at least for a hundred or so...

14 March 2017

The DNA sequencing revolution is providing ever more data about genomes from all kinds of species, from humans to...

14 February 2017

Our cells are constantly communicating and changing - so how do scientists spy on them?

14 January 2017

Who decides whether GM crops can be grown? And what about Brexit?

14 December 2016

Human evolution is complicated, but you're only here because your ancestors got lucky

14 November 2016

This month we're delving into the junk in the genome, properly called non- coding DNA.

14 October 2016

We look at gene tests claiming to reveal everything from cancer risk to sporting ability.

14 September 2016

This month we're commemorating twenty years since the birth of Dolly the Sheep

14 August 2016

40 years ago Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene hit the shelves. We look back on its legacy

14 July 2016

We find out how signals between cells build organisms.

14 June 2016

Is the public ready to look inside its genes?

14 May 2016

Your health, immune system and even love-life are governed by compatibility genes.

14 April 2016

What do home genetic tests really reveal? Plus, the four-legged genetics of dogs.

14 March 2016

Are we on the road to designer babies? Plus, we unpack the latest cancer breakthrough.

14 February 2016

CRISPR is a precision set of genome editing tools with big implications for human health

14 January 2016

This month we bring you a bumper edition full of our favourite bits from the past 4 years.

14 December 2015

Synthetic biology - engineering life - is set to revolutionise the world, but how?

14 November 2015

Elephants are made up of many more cells than humans, but don't get cancer. Why?

14 October 2015

Imagine designing bacteria that can do whatever you want - this is synthetic biology.