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04 October 2022

Chris and James take on the Trieste Next science festival, and find out about some of the research going on.

30 September 2022

How do you design a space settlement government without it descending into tyranny?

30 September 2022

A non-invasive ultrasound technique to gauge breast tissue density could improve cancer pick-up rates...

30 September 2022

A better curtain in The Last of Us Part I, and we look at what gamification is.

30 September 2022

How do meteors form? Is the universe finite or infinite?

27 September 2022

How sweeteners could cause risk of cardiovascular disease, and a new antibiotic found in trees.

25 September 2022

In a world of threatened resources and growing population, how should we eat sustainably and responsibly?

20 September 2022

How many calories are in a human brain? And what would happen if our planet stopped rotating?

19 September 2022

Setting glue, the difference between mist and fog, and are gravitational waves audible?

19 September 2022

How much work is it to develop a game on your own?

16 September 2022

The bugs we trade with urban animals, how putting the squeeze on cancer affects metastasis, and tracing population...

14 September 2022

And more from this week's quick fire science questions with Dr Chris Smith.

14 September 2022

When the film LADY OF HEAVEN was released, there were vigorous protests and Cineworld withdrew the film. What was going...

13 September 2022

The institutionalised falsities that still plague scientific study today.

09 September 2022

And the rest of your weekly dose of science news and views...

05 September 2022

Do galaxies form around black holes or does a black hole move to a galaxy's centre after it's formed?

02 September 2022

How the bugs living inside us could contribute towards our health and disease

02 September 2022

Do we need to take diet supplements? And is there any merit in acupuncture?

02 September 2022

The Moderna vs Pfizer legal battle, why first impressions count and cancer risk in coffee drinkers explored

30 August 2022

How climate change will affect our future rainfall, and the technology that could help mitigate the effects.

27 August 2022

Pictures of Neil Armstrong's face on the Moon, and other remastered images from the Apollo era...

26 August 2022

Breakthroughs in malaria vaccines, sewage in our coastal waters, and if we share genes with our doppelgangers

22 August 2022

Take a tour of our planets faster than the speed of light

22 August 2022

Swimming in rivers is a cooling activity to partake in. But does drinking cola counter river-borne infections?