Science Podcasts

25 November 2016

If life is common in the universe, where is it? Graihagh Jackson tackles Fermi's paradox.

22 November 2016

Driverless cars, self-tracking trousers and "super" GPS: what's next for navigation?

18 November 2016

People bullied in childhood have an increased risk of being overweight at age 18

18 November 2016

Could the universe be more than a coincidence and what's causing a burning skin sensation?

16 November 2016

The genetic mutations which allow Malaria to avoid drug treatment have been found.

15 November 2016

How did a boy from Lincolnshire end up as a NASA astronaut?

15 November 2016

First heartbeats, African sleeping sickness, elephant genetics and rubber hand illusions

15 November 2016

Could I survive being eaten by a snake? Why do ants steal my toenail clippings?

14 November 2016

This month we're delving into the junk in the genome, properly called non- coding DNA.

14 November 2016

Space Boffins' Sue Nelson was at ESA mission control recently when the ExoMars...

11 November 2016

Is the Earth flat, do microwaves kill nutrients, why do eggs have whites and yolks?

11 November 2016

How can we harness quantum physics to build new technologies?

10 November 2016

Our Moon formed as the result of a massive collision and a fast spinning early Earth

10 November 2016

A new way of bioengineering plants could provide us with super cheap chemical sensors.

09 November 2016

Half of the Arctic sea ice area has been lost in the past 40 years - when will it be gone?

08 November 2016

How did we get here and are we really all that special?

08 November 2016

Are humans alone in the Universe? Graihagh jackson talked to three experts to find out

07 November 2016

Sascha Drewlo reckons that a simple cervical smear could replace current prenatal tests.

04 November 2016

Why do other people's fart smell so bad and why do storms turn swimming pools green?

01 November 2016

What's the science behind the scares in horror films?

28 October 2016

White lies are widely accepted as an integral part of our everyday lives. And yet history

28 October 2016

How can I stop a panic attack, can learned behaviour be passed on genetically?

27 October 2016

First fossilised dinosaur brain confirmed by scientists this week

25 October 2016

Chris investigates why, since 2012, opiate deaths in England and Wales have doubled.