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15 October 2021

Batteries, clouds, cheese and dreams, Captain Kirk in space, and are farts infectious...

13 October 2021

Injections with a new compound that inhibits pain nerve cells greatly reduced pain behaviour in rodents

12 October 2021

From neutrinos to dark matter, we're exploring what the Universe is made of

11 October 2021

Neither the Torah nor the Quran are short of violent calls to arms. So is this where terrorism comes from?

07 October 2021

How did gaming lead to a trip to China and a job as China Media Analyst?

05 October 2021

From bananas to helium, we're uncovering the science behind some of our favourite at-risk resources

05 October 2021

Why do we acquire lifelong immunity against some pathogens but not others?

04 October 2021

We've all seen bodies ejected into space during sci-fi films, but what would happen to the grizzly remains?

04 October 2021

The chemistry of batteries you can replenish, and do our feet change shape as we age?

02 October 2021

The theory that the COVID epidemic escaped from a lab in Wuhan is gaining traction...

29 September 2021

Naked Astronomy goes in search of the civilisations with which we might share the cosmos...

29 September 2021

We talk viral evolution, vaccine quality control, and why we usually sneeze more than once!

28 September 2021

Why can't most of the universe be seen through a telescope, and can we commercialise atmospheric CO2

25 September 2021

“Big Pharma” is sometimes painted as a greedy villain, protecting its patents at any cost. But is this fair?

24 September 2021

Boris Johnson has stepped back from introducing vaccine passports across England. Why?

23 September 2021

A cheap membrane filter that can remove fluoride from drinking water has been developed

21 September 2021

What causes the symptoms of the menopause and how can we manage them so they don't interrupt our lives?

21 September 2021

The Chinese video game regulator limits gaming for under 18's to one hour on certain days. Is it a good idea?

20 September 2021

We know dogs and other pets get the urge to scratch, but what about amphibians?

18 September 2021

Might mammoths roam Siberia once more? Also, the scale of the Universe, are humans getting taller, and what's...

17 September 2021

Synthetic biology company opens its new Cambridge headquarters

17 September 2021

Paypal handles it, and Bitcoin is now legal currency in El Salvador. So what’s next for the crypto currency revolution?

14 September 2021

Unpicking the science of this deadly syndrome in honour of World Sepsis Day

14 September 2021

New research suggests we could be upsetting a carefully balanced ecosystem by feeding birds all year long