Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

17 September 2019

Everyone’s rate of fat burning drops with age, a study using nuclear fallout shows...

03 September 2019

Why have the Amazon fires happened, and what might be the consequences?

02 August 2019

Oil wastewater produced by oil companies has been linked to increases in earthquake magnitude in the U.S.

30 July 2019

How do we reduce the emissions released from planes every year?

30 July 2019

In the first study of its kind, the plastic in cigarette ends are stunting the growth of plants around us.

16 July 2019

How do we predict the weather?

05 July 2019

How 1 billion hectares of trees could stabilise the climate

25 June 2019

SPOILER: Mining for gold isn’t like what you see in films...

25 June 2019

While teams continue to search for gold, others are looking for something quite different; life.

25 June 2019

When you drill a hole in a mine, water from natural underground sources wants to flood in. How do you stop it?

25 June 2019

Chris Smith dives into one of the deepest gold mines in the world.

11 June 2019

Understanding climate change...

11 June 2019

How do humans adapt to extreme cold?

11 June 2019

Could keeping a lid on rising temperatures save thousands of lives?

30 May 2019

Shortly after ant colonies appeared, insects evolved to exploit them, as 99 million year old amber reveals...

05 March 2019

And what happens if a new species disrupts the balance of nature?

03 March 2019

By adding electricity, a liquid gallium and cerium alloy can turn carbon dioxide into coal...

26 February 2019

Japanese mission Hayabusa2 begins collecting asteroid samples.

05 February 2019

How sea life is succumbing to plastic pollution...

05 February 2019

How the environment has made us the way we are...

29 January 2019

Taxonomy could help ensure that the resources in our oceans are managed in a sustainable manner.

29 January 2019

How far are we from carbon neutral cars?

29 January 2019

Can renewable energy be stored in undersea rock, for us to access when we need it?

22 January 2019

Can we make a timeline for the Moon's craters?