Fortnite Drama 2

The Fortnite saga continues... listen to this Netflix-worthy audio adaptation of the drama so far
25 September 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner, Alex Rhodes and Rod Whiting, Naked Gaming Podcast


Fortnite characters


Chris Berrow - I wanted to carry on the story, because there have been quite a few significant developments

So you can reprise your role from last month of Fortnite… i.e. Epic Games

I’m Going to be Apple

And Alex Rhodes is going to be playing the part of Google Play again…


And our pal Rod Whiting is the voice of the law!


CB Hello I’m Apple… you annoyed me Leigh… sorry Fortnite last time by offering discounted game credits to people who were buying straight from you, that’s not fair because I want people playing Fortnite on Apple things to give me some of their money. How dare you

Leigh Milner - Sorry but you know what, I wanted that money

Alex Rhodes - Hi, I’m Google Play

CB - Well that’s not good enough Fortnite… you’re banned from the Apple store, and we’re stopping other companies from using your Unreal Engine to make their games as well, how do you like that?

LM - I don’t like that

AR - I’m banning you from Google Play too, that’s me by the way

LM - Right then, well I’m taking legal action

Rodders - I am the law!!! And you can’t ban their “Unreal Engine”… but you can ban their game from the store

CB - Well then… OK, next time you update your game people who play fortnite on Macs, iPhones and iPads will be left behind

AR - I don’t mind if you update the game outside of the Google Store

CB - What?

LM - Ok I’ll do that then… you’re annoying me Apple because I feel like you’ve got a monopoly

Rodders - The case continues…


CB - Tune in next time for another edition of Fortnite Night


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