Listener Review: Animal Crossing

One podcast listener reviews the new Animal Crossing
23 May 2020

Interview with 

David Chapman, Naked Gaming Podcast listener


A playstation controller


One listener reviews the latest Animal Crossing Game. 

David Chapman - Animal Crossings: New Horizons is the fifth main installment of the Animal Crossing’s franchise and we are so glad that it is finally here. The game is a wave of nostalgia with great new features that keeps this franchise fresh and fun.

Once we get past the fear of picking out a good name for our island we are introduced to a new world that is completely customizable to us. Gameplay can be a little slow to start as those unfamiliar with the franchise are greeted by a system that does make you wait actual days for new things to become available to the player, provided that you don’t change your system time. However, the game does reward you for each time you come back to play.

The expanded customisation for this new installment allows players to put their personal touch not just in their in-game house like previous titles, but the entire island as well.

Additionally, although the new crafting had me a little sceptical at first, it is an interesting new feature that players have at their disposal. One drawback this new feature has is that you are only able to craft one item at a time. Which does make bulk crafting tasks quite the pain.

The good news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that we definitely had to nitpick in order to find anything bad about this game. We definitely think that this game is worth the buy and makes getting comfy on a nice Saturday afternoon with a warm cup of tea all the better.


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