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01 July 2021

What are the tell-tale signs of Lyme disease, and what can happen if it's not treated?

30 June 2021

An integrated map of the imaging, metabolic profiles and underlying gene expression patterns across the Alzheimer brain...

30 June 2021

A new way to use brain activity to quantify pain and therefore the effectiveness of pain relief...

30 June 2021

Molecular tags can be used to follow the fates of injected antigens...

30 June 2021

Something in the bloodstream of a bereaved survivor promotes the growth of tumours...

30 June 2021

Fighting your way to the top comes at a high biological price...

25 June 2021

How does your spinal cord work?

22 June 2021

How effective is this antibody therapy?

18 June 2021

What happens to the body during pregnancy?

16 June 2021

In a shocking moment during the Euros, midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed from a cardiac arrest...

15 June 2021

Nitrous oxide is a commonly-used anaesthetic - and seems to work against treatment-resistant depression...

14 June 2021

What can you do if you have a loved one who doesn't want to get the Covid vaccine?

14 June 2021

How do social media platforms affect public opinion and trust in vaccines?

14 June 2021

What makes some people less likely to get vaccinated?

11 June 2021

How do my ears keep me balanced? Why do I get sick when I'm dizzy

10 June 2021

New research shows how the EU1 variant of coronavirus spread through Europe in 2020 - thanks to travel...

08 June 2021

What can too much Sun do to your skin?

08 June 2021

What's the state of COVID today?

04 June 2021

How do all the little bugs in the gut work to help us?

01 June 2021

Max Brooks is a disaster preparedness expert - who is also the author of zombie cult classic World War Z...

01 June 2021

A new book argues that our minds have their own version of an immune system - one that weeds out bad ideas...

01 June 2021

Matt Hancock has blamed COVID hotspots on low vaccine uptake. Is he right?

01 June 2021

Grant McIntyre spent 128 days in hospital suffering from COVID-19. He tells us about his recovery...

01 June 2021

UFO sightings by US Navy personnel have sparked a wave of interest - ahead of an upcoming Pentagon release...