Millionaire gamer goes back to school

After coming second in the Fortnite World Cup, Wolfiez goes back to school
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Jaden Ashman, AKA Wolfiez


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Jaden Ashman, also known as Wolfiez, who played in the doubles of the Fortnite World Cup, and actually came second with his partner Dave Jong… so now Jaden is a millionaire! It’s an amazing story, and he did it with a controller… Because he’s 15 years old, he’s actually going back to school… So Leigh Milner went to meet him and his mum Lisa as he was getting ready!

Lisa - Jaden what do you want for breakfast?

Jaden - Coco Pops

Leigh - With almost a million pounds in the bank, it's time to go back to school for 15 year old gamer. Jaden Ashman also known as Wolfiez online won his fortune after coming second in the doubles of the first ever Fortnite World Cup. Well over 40 million gamers attempted to qualify but only a hundredth battled it out for a total prize pots of 30 million. Sitting at the breakfast table with his mum Lisa... Jaden told me that the first thing he bought with the winnings was a house for his mum and he's already thinking about a brand new game room.

Jaden - When I get my house I'm going to do what my gaming room. Just make it all really nice. Probably separate from my sleep and so we have a we've got a shed out back. But we're gonna just do up into a full game remove organs and everything. It's gonna be like a game as paradise here. Exactly.

Leigh - So you want to pursue a future in gaming. What about school though because isn't it GCSE year.

Jaden - Yeah but I'm gonna carry on going to school and my house is lit to rise up my school so I can run our bed and go to school.

Leigh - Is schooling still as important even though you've won all that money.

Jaden - Yeah, because even though I've won a million it's not going to hold me for the rest of my life.

Leigh - So now said this must have been so hard for you as a mum because plenty parents would have said you know come on you spent too much time on the console even threw me out at one point. How do you feel though now after his success

Lisa - Everything's up in the air you know routines out the window but he is going back to school and Jayden knows that his GCSE's are important. So we're going to have to have some sort of structure into this guy and he's not going to be able to play the game when he wants he will have to go to bed at a reasonable time because a lot of mums and dads will be thinking you know he's done so well. Jaden recognised early on that you had a talent for the game. I didn't see it I wasn't interested in seeing it because all I see was this plan a computer game and he's wasting his time. You know he should be focusing on school but now I do take the time you know I have a look. I'm even thinking about opening a Twitter account and Instagram so it's not OK.

Leigh - How proud of Jaden are you.

Lisa - I am really proud of the way that Jaden's handled it all. I think he's been amazing. I think he's literally I don't think he's changed one bit. 

Leigh - Today is Jaden's first day back at school and it seems his friends are impressed.

Friends - I'm quite proud of him. Yeah like he's worked hard for any dessert. He's done very well. Well we know that quite a lot of money. I was watching it tournament myself. What do you make of his performance. I'm ready. Good.

Leigh - To the outside world. He's a gaming superstar. But inside the classroom he's just a 15 year old boy studying for his future.


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