Gaming News Roundup for May

What are the big gaming stories this month? (May)
23 May 2020

Interview with 

Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


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Leigh Milner rounds up the latest gaming news.

Over 85,000 games have been made available in the UK for frontline NHS care workers… to thank them for their efforts in fighting Covid-19.

The scheme, known as “Games for Carers”… has been in such high demand that they only have Steam and Epic Store games available. If you’re an NHS worker, you can grab a key from the “Games for Carers” website... with your NHS email address.

Andy Murray has won the Madrid Open! Well sort of…

Andy actually won the Virtual Madrid Open… where 16 leading ATP players... swapped their racquets for PlayStation 4 controllers.

David Goffin was Murray's opponent in the final, Andy beat the Belgian 7-6 on the “Tennis World Tour” game. Well done Andy…
Although amateur players are returning to the courts... tennis tournaments are likely to be suspended until mid-July… because of coronavirus.

One of the world's biggest eSports events has been postponed until 2021.
“The International”, which awards big money prizes to the winners, was due to take place in Stockholm in August.
Last year's prize money totalled £28 million pounds.
The organisers say they will share more information "when we have it" but aren't expecting to be able to confirm a date for a while.

Fortnite news now…
On April 23, more than 12 million Forniters… I made that word up... stopped fighting to watch a digital avatar of the rapper Travis Scott teleport around a beach, and launch audience members into outer space.

It was part of a 10-minute virtual concert, the game’s biggest event ever. 27.7 million unique gamers attended the digital gig. That’s a lot of uniqueness.

It all went pretty smoothly… unlike the launch of Assassin’s Creed’s new game…
Developed by Ubisoft… everyone was expecting new gameplay… when this trailer arrived


Very nice, but no gameplay. Plus there was a moment… where it looked like their new game was called Assassin’s Creed Offline… oops!

Despite all the controversy Ubisoft has revealed that the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer has had over 100 million views in 10 days. So someone must care.



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