Minecraft epic Game Over

How do you cope when your character dies in game after 5 years?
16 July 2019

Interview with 

Philza, Minecraft Streamer


A picture of a character from Minecraft


This was the moment that Philza AKA Philip Watson died after playing a single game of Minecraft for 5 years!

Philza - Noooooooo!

The video has been viewed millions of times on Twitch. The kind of mode Philza was playing means that his game is completely over… 5 years of building in a world… all gone. Chris Berrow found out all about it, and it turns out that this was the first game of Minecraft Philza had ever played in survival mode… and he had spent quite a long time creating a world.

Philza - I was really proud of chaos cabins. That was that was basically like this big cavern that I dug up. It took like a year to finish and inside there is like there's really a big cave and inside that Korea it all these different biomes which are basically just areas in the world so like the nether realm I made down there. I mean dark oak forests I mean at the end run down there and basically just took all the hostile mobs I could get hold of and put them in there like a museum. So they all had their own little sections and I could just walk through it like see them like without getting hurt I could just be like this guy this guy this guy.

Chris - So basically you started to kind of master this very difficult mode because people die in this mode all the time and I think I suppose the main thing to say about you know what people describe as the more hardcore mode is that it is really game over you have to start again.

Philza - Yeah. You just you have to say goodbye to the world. The whole point of hardcore is you get one life. And when that life is done when you die that's it. You stop playing in it.

Chris - I mean I've seen the video loads people are seeing the video of the moment where after five years essentially you do die in that world and it's it's kind of heartbreaking to watch.

Philza - Oh it's rough it's rough. It was such a surprise. Like I was just full of disbelief and then like depression and anger and then like the space of 20 seconds you can you can really feel it. I guess just something about it resonated with people. And like really kind of like it spreads all these different audiences like people who didn't even play the game could understand like how like how hard that hit me.

Chris - Well you can see I think it's just think about the way you react and it's just you can see almost like crushing defeat if you like. It's awful to watch it one way but then you sort of think we've all been there we've played games for a long time but I think it's just because of the sheer scale and the length and you know the scope of what you've actually done to have it taken away.

Philza - It's like oh man yes it is actually it’s four things in total but three things mainly that happen. So the things that hurt me did physical damage were the zombie baby the fire from the zombie because I set him on fire. I was getting like I was getting fire damage as my own fault was my sword had like a fire and chairman on it this skeleton which shot me that you don't really see but you can hear him he shoot me back into the spider and spider finishes me off. So I think the spider hit me like twice or maybe three times and then the skeleton hit me once but the fourth thing that most people miss the creeper. So the creeper that I keep pushing back was causing me to like kind of like switch between the creeper and the zombie baby so I wasn't concentrating solely on killing the zombie baby. And it was just causing a longer amount of time that I was taking damage from the fire as soon as I could even get close enough he's going to explode. So I kept on like push him back and then hit the zombie baby then push him back again. It is zombie baby. Yeah it just it really escalated after that...


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