Review - Days Gone

Is the latest zombie game worth buying?
16 July 2019


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Days Gone.

Chris - it's a survival horror game with lots of zombies, and motorbikes


Chris - See I'm interested to know what you made of this because you're not really a fan of zombie so how was it playing days gone the zombie game. You know what.

Leigh - I loved it.

Chris - No way.

Leigh - I absolutely loved that.

Chris - No.

Leigh - Yeah it's a little slow. Yeah but I think it has a really good storyline for a zombie game for the whole thing. You know it actually gives you some time to get used to the controls when you're taking on hordes of zombies or you know in this game called freakers which I think is a bit weird.

Chris - Yeah didn't like that they were called freakers because I know what you mean it's it's just not that we just call them just call them zombies or walkers I don't mind.

Leigh - But yeah exactly. I think maybe for someone though who plays a lot of zombie games like you I think you would have wanted to tackle those zombies much earlier in the game.

Chris - Yeah. But that's exactly what I was thinking.

Leigh - But for people like me and usually as you know I'm kind of having a meltdown. Yeah right at the beginning I'm thinking where's my weapon. I can't even get out of the door. This had some pace. Yeah some time to breathe. So the fact that you can play a bit of detective at the start you can track people down because there's quite a lot of tracking early on. Look I love prints and stuff like that.
It's much more than just killing dead guys. Yeah for that I'm going to give it a strong 8 out of 10.

Chris -  See for me I didn't if you played the last of us which is it's kind of like not a million miles away. There's no motorbikes in it but it was like the last of us rubbish. Then you want the motorbike you might have loved it. Yeah. It was like a slow the last of us for me and you're right that like it takes a while to get into it. I got a bit bored to be honest during that I wanted it to throw the zombies at me thick and fast that way. You know people watch the video and the video sold you the game like oh there's a horde of zombies running at you need to kind of be able to manage them and run away but it takes so long it takes like 30 hours to get to that point. And that's the pace I'm super slow yet free cause I didn't like they were called freakers the humans were more dangerous than the undead are kind of like that you know the human bad guys were. Yeah I think actually it's pretty difficult to fight but there was one thing that really annoyed me and that was you get a lot of messages over the walkie talkie from your mate who's calling who's called Boozer quite right Boozer keeps going. Are you okay. I'm just I'm just not feeling very well at the moment. Oh come on mate just shut up. It's not a spoiler to say he gets a bit injured early on. Those messages were driving me nuts. Shut up Boozer. No one cares. So for me if you want the definitive zombie game you can get Left 4 Dead or The Last of Us I'd say probably get them over this. But for me 6 out of 10 nothing that special but solid and it's available on PS4 now.




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