New streaming service: Caffeine

A new service to rival Twitch and Mixer has launched, but will it beat off the competition?
21 February 2020

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast




Chris Berrow - You’re probably aware of Twitch or Mixer, where people can stream games to a live audience usually hundreds or thousands of people…

You can also live - stream your games on YouTube…

And now there’s another contender…

Welcome to… Caffeine!

Leigh has been taking a look at this for us…

So what’s new?

Leigh Milner - Drake, the multi-platinum musician and international hip-hop superstar, has entered into an exclusive deal with streaming site Caffeine.

Caffeine is similar to game streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer, but Caffeine hasn’t been home to the kind of high-view streamers of those services, who often stream every day for hours on end. Instead, Caffeine has largely focused on partnering with high-profile celebrities

Caffeine focuses on in-app purchases and a focus on original series.

The main focus of the deal will be a new Rap Battle show that Drake will co-produce with Ultimate Rap League (URL), a platform focused on the battle rap genre. While there are few details in the release about the upcoming show it’s probably fair to assume it will include rap battles of some kind.

Chris - Is it going to work? Would you watch Caffeine if Drake was doing a rap battle with someone?

Lrigh - Yeah they need big time guests though like Eminem. I would watch that. 

Chris - So Caffeine is already live…

Leigh - We’ll see if it takes off.



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