Final Fantasy VII Remake: Review

It's finally here! (Well part 1 is finally here). So how is FFVII: Remake?
22 April 2020

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Cloud from Final Fantasy VII


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner discuss the latest remake of Final Fantasy VII...

Chris -  I've recently played Final Fantasy 7 the original and it's so good. Anyway because of the story and even though it's really old and it's quite blocky, but the art is there. It really creates the kind of the atmosphere. If you've never played it before, go and play the original and then come back and play this new one. The graphics are better. Okay. Actually I wouldn't have cared that much. The voice acting and the scripting has been massively improved. 

They've got proper voice actors. It sounds amazing. We've talked about this... when we played the demo instead of taking turns and eventually getting bored of pressing X all the time... so "yes, I won. Well done me." It's realtime combat now. So you can run around, you can block, you can hack and slash your way to victory. One of the biggest changes is absolutely huge and you'd think, they're messing with something that's a part of people's childhoods. But it's better. They're going to lose some points here. And the only reason why is because they've released part one of this remake and they've turned six hours of the original game to about 40 hours.

The next part's coming out at some point. And it's quite frustrating. It's a very badly handled release. But anyway, the game is great. The release pattern is terrible, but it's going to get a 9 out of 10 just for the quality of the content. It's out on PS4 for 60 quid. But you know it's beautiful. So why wouldn't you get it? 



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