Retro Revival - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Is it worth replaying Final Fantasy X and X-2, the remastered versions?
03 June 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Chris Berrow and Alex Rhodes review Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 10-2 which have been rereleased and remastered.

Voiceover - Until the end. Not so. Always. Cherish me. And I'll cherish you.

Chris - Well it's been interesting going back and playing this actually. I'm sure that you played Final Fantasy 10 as well growing up.

Alex - You know what Chris you've embarrassed me now. I've never played a single Final Fantasy game ever.

Chris - Unbelievable scenes you probably haven't missed out anything in terms of story because I can tell you now as an adult playing this game 10 years later the story makes absolutely no sense. I mean I sort of vaguely remembered it as a kid and I thought “Oh it's quite nice and the combat is good and whatever” but I just can't... there's no way I can't make any sense of it all. There's this big flying whale in the sky. He attacks Zanarkand which is your kind of home town. And then apparently this big whale is called Sin is coming to get you right.... philosophical but it’s a whale. But then I mean spoiler alert but then Sin turns out to be your dad. Okay. I've never really understood what's going on there.

Alex - So whales yes. Interesting. Yeah well I mean what we are now in terms of final point of at least 15 or 15 16 17.

Chris - Yeah it's it's ridiculous. But the good thing about 10 is that the graphics are greatly improved so if you really do genuinely love Final Fantasy 10 and you can look past how ridiculous the story is, the graphics are greatly improved. But in a way I don't know it doesn't add that much for me. The best thing about it though and the fact it's only 20 quid it is worth it if you want to play it. The best thing about it is that they've done a rearrangement of the soundtrack so you can either play it through with original soundtrack or you can play it through with rearranged soundtrack and I'd recommend doing that because it really sounds bigger... fuller. It sounds a bit more epic and I was enjoying that actually that was kind of keeping me playing when I would have gotten bored a bit early on. So its interesting.

Alex - It's nice when they redo the score and these remastered because you know sometimes if you punch up the graphics too much you can't have the same kind of you know the old school 8 bit sort of soundtracks.

Chris - Yeah I mean it's worth getting if you're a fan. If you've never played before I wouldn't really recommend it. I didn't even bother with Final Fantasy X-2, I thought was such a bad game originally anyway but Final Fantasy X is the one after seven that really stands out in the series it's the one to play that everyone goes on about so if you loved it do you get it again. It is available now on PlayStation, Xbox and you can get it in various different guises as well actually. I'd say it's if I'm giving it a five because it doesn't really add anything extra but it was a bit nice to go back and have a bit of the old nostalgia there.

Alex - You can't go wrong to get nostalgic look at RuneScape winning that award.


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