Retro Revival – New Tamagotchis

New Tamagotchis have been released in America, we get our hands on two to see if they will get married!
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Leigh Milner - After the latest Tamagotchis were released a few weeks ago in America, we decided to see if our new virtual pets could be persuaded to get married to each other just like we're going to in February. Exciting times. 

Chris Berrow - Well the experience we've had with these Tamagotchi is... so just to fill you in if you missed last month's episode where the Tamagotchi has arrived after a long time. They cost 65 pounds each. Expensive. Which a lot of money. The time has come for Tamagotchi action. This is an exciting day. I've never seen somebody so keen.

Leigh - You'll need a screwdriver batteries and the instructions get going. Here we go. I can't believe that you have to put your own batteries in for starters like that's a disgrace.

Chris - Shall we read the instructions. Just carry on. Just put the batteries in. The instructions are in French. I'm English. Okay okay okay good. 

Leigh - This looks amazing. It's a bit big because it's literally the size of the palm of my hand. But it's weighty. It's quite colorful isn't it.

Chris - I'm calling mine Tammy. I was going to call mine Tammy but it takes so long to enter the name that I've just gone for Tam but that's fine.

Leigh - Oh my goodness I want to call it Bailey.

Chris - I've got an egg that's rocking left to right and now the screen's just turned off completely. What's the point in it if the battery saves by turning off the screen... Oh wow okay.

Leigh - Oh nice. Congratulations on your new Tamagotchi the graphics are amazing aren't they. To say so small compared to what it was... a little bit like Pokemon though isn't it.

Chris - Oh well I think we should go our separate ways for a bit and reconvene when they're older. What do you think?

Day three of Tamagotchi action and it's evolved again overnight. This time it actually looks like a bride. It's a white Tamagotchi with a white dress on and a white like veil. And then it's got a cloud on her head.

Leigh - When was the two poops there. I mean this has put me off kids for life.

Chris - So we're at the stage now where we're about to see if one of the tamagotchi is can propose to the other one of the tamagotchi is not going to propose. Well luckily I've already thought of this and just like in real life I've spent five hundred Gotchi points on buying a ring. There was an option in the game for me to buy a five thousand Gotchi point ring but I just thought you know five hundred was fine. Well it's not up to me as it is up to Bailey that your Tamagotchi has to decide.

Leigh - So you've got like two little infrared points at the end of the tamagotchi space let line them up and then on the screen it says waiting. And normally they connect but now they're not going to marry. These are a waste of money. What's the point. I got the Tamagotchi. I thought they could marry and have babies. And mind doesn't mine just sits there and cries.



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