Retro Revival - Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Can the remake of Spyro the Dragon live up to the hype?
29 May 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Chris & Georgia review Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Voiceover - I think guys smell a barbecue. Looks like I've got some. Spyro Spyro. Spy row. Spy row spy row spy row spy row spy row spy row. I'm getting a little winded. That's me all right.

Chris - We've both been playing probably more than an acceptable adult should play. How did you find it. Playing along.

Georgia - I mean yeah I'm a sucker for anything that reminds me of like those early Playstation 1 games. This is so nice to just play the games again but then I kind of think if these like I would maybe just rather be playing the original picture here. The graphics look great but the gameplay and the sort of rubbish graphics are kind of part of the charm. Yeah there's this sort of weird blocky quality to everything which is really nice and then they change things and I don't like change.

Wow it's like a philistine view. How dare they improve graphics.

Chris - I know what you mean by that because I was you know and I I had this exact situation that you were talking about earlier where I used to go round to a friend's house who had Spyro the dragon because I never had a Playstation 1 and I went round and played Spyro and I loved it and never talked to this friend ever and I just totally played their Playstation. I went back to play as an adult. This is why I was so keen to get it and I know it's like 30 quid. You know when it was released I was really keen to play. I thought right finally my own copy of Spyro the Dragon but the graphics are almost too good. You know what I mean by that.

Georgia - Yeah. So polished less charming. It's like there's old Disney animations where you can see all the hand on pencil lines. That's part of the charm and they lose that with all the sort of the swanky computer animation.

Chris -  Do you think the basic gameplay because I mean it is more basic compared to some of the games you play nowadays do you think that it's actually a good thing though compared to really complicated games and you know really you know you didn't really have to use all the buttons inspire a team that's part of what made it such a good game.

Georgia - I mean another one they rejigged was Crash Bandicoot and that was again very very basic. Just kind of running along and jumping and it's fun. Like there are dips there are bits that are really really hard and I feel like with modern games often it's just either a bit too easy or so much focusing on this like amazing graphics and look at this world we've created that the gameplay itself is just a bit more.

Chris - Yeah. Can I also say that I did play a tiny bit of crash the relaunched version and I absolutely suck at it. I really suck hard at crash so I'm furious that I haven't really touched that one as much as my partner did. I did enjoy playing Spyro and it did feel like I was reliving my childhood and getting a copy of that game which I never fully owned as a kid and you know I've managed to find about 30 dragons so far in game number one of the trilogy and I get quite a lot of your money here 30 drag out of how many things are hundreds maybe hundreds.

Georgia - Chris you got a lot of work to do.

Chris - So I gotta go. Gotta go.

Georgia - I have one tiny gripe not to mention about this game. So they're bringing Spyro back for the modern age and hooray it's all been updated but I found the controls and the camera angles really really irritating and hard to use and I don't know if it was like that in the original game. I feel like when you're doing something like this you gotta get it right. Really like there's no excuse. And I looked online and seems like a lot of people were having similar complaints and looking for an update. So it feels like they haven't quite polished all the edges.

Chris - I still enjoyed it anyway but yeah

Georgia - this game about a purple dragon it's totally unrealistic. I demand some more realism.


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