Review - Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble

Chris & Georgia review Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble
29 May 2019


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Chris and Georgia review Hearthstone: Rastakhan’s Rumble

Chris - Even though I bought this Xbox One X recently I don't feel like I can honestly say I've been playing it that much. I mean I've been trying but really what's been taking up most of my time is an expansion so I think that's kind of fair game. This is at Hearthstone which is a card game which a lot of people will be aware of you your mobile you can play it in loads of different varieties. This is called Rastakhan's Rumble which is like an expansion of the existing Hearthstone universe is one hundred thirty five new cards and every time this comes round it's about you know the two three or four expansions per year. It changes everything. Suddenly it's like a whole brand new game.

Voiceover - I like. To buy any. Green and buy. The only team. So real true desire. To smash center smash. Bros. And maybe make.

Chris - I've never really been into card games like Magic The Gathering never really appealed to me. I played a bit of Pokemon cards at school and a bit of Yugio which is probably the kind of the nerdy-est I've gone when it comes to card games. But for some reason I'm just absolutely addicted to this at the moment so I've been you know not spending any money because it's free to play. You can earn gold by destroying other people at this card game and it. It's just really really addictive. It's not we're sort one of the best expansions they've dunks it doesn't totally change what they call like the matter game which is essentially the sorts of decks that people are playing you know like 90 percent of people who are paying one thing you can sort of take your one and try and destroy them. But I've been really really enjoying it. I'd say it's taken up most of my gaming time so I don't know Hearthstone it's like a game that keeps on giving for me and this new expansion I've really enjoyed. So it's kind of been consuming me.

Georgia - I mean half the words you said. You may as well have been speaking a language. Did you say Rasta rumble?

Chris - Rastakhan’s Rumble. I know that all the names of their expansions are kind of crazy.

Georgia - And when you said a card game I was thinking of like a normal deck of cards but I'm now getting the impression that not.

Chris - No so this is this is like a computerized card game so it's like instead of rolling dice which you might do in a card game and like playing down your physical cards. This is like an online on your mobile phone kind of card game. Imagine like poker online except with crazy Warcraft heroes destroying each other. That's kind of what it is.

Georgia - Okay so you could flip like... I don't know an orc that eats up the neighbouring player's card of a goblin.

Chris - Exactly. You've got it. You haven't played before but it's really good. Just if you haven't played Hearthstone before and you don't want to spend any money just to start off with there's really good training modes in it as well as the single player options available. You'd have to spend any actual money and it's properly good. This expansion itself is probably going to get six out of 10 from me but every time they come round it's like an exciting couple of weeks for me which I’m right in the middle of at the moment.


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