Review - Fallout 76

Fallout goes online... can it work as a game?
31 May 2019


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Chris & Georgia review Fallout 76.

Chris - I would like to say this was a game I was unbelievably excited for. It's the next and the latest in the series of Fallout games. It's called Fallout 76 which as we said earlier is online only. I mean I think it is slightly spoiled this review by saying that it's a terrible game. It's possibly the worst and most expensive game I've bought in terms of...

Georgia - Wow that bad.

Chris - The thing is you spend you know 50 60 quid and I preordered it so I could have access to the Beta which I've never done before. I'm not beta play. You know I like to play final versions of games.

Georgia - You're an Alpha right.

Chris - I'm an Alpha. Exactly. You know I'm pre-built. I don't even know what that means. But anyways I got it in the Beta. It didn't work at all. I could not log in to this on any of the servers except for on the final day of the Beta I managed to get in. And what you do is you walk around in true Fallout style except that there are no characters to talk to apart from other online characters.

Georgia - So I'm just stepping back what's the Fallout style for the fallout style?

Chris - It’s basically a first person shooter post apocalyptic you know there's been a nuclear explosion but some people are lucky enough to be in underground bunkers. Hooray they made the right life choice. So you know they stay in the underground bunker sometimes they go in to stay for 100 years or whatever then they come out of the lift and there's always this moment in every Fallout game where you you get out into the great outdoors and the kind of the blinding light starts to seep away and you can suddenly see into the distance and it's always an incredible moment in the games. But usually you've talked to a few human characters along the way or you go and meet your first person in the village. There's none of that in this game at all. It's online only.

Voiceover - Three hundred years after our great nation began we gathered together to honor the completion involved 76. This sprawling underground shelter may have been engineered by Vault Tech but it was built by you. So that if the bombs do come our way of life will endure.

Chris - You talk to computer consoles and they give you missions and those missions in the early days. Some of the most boring missions I've ever had like go and find some would so you go and find some wood and they go array go and build a camp. So you go and build a camp. Hooray. Go and kill a zombie. But it's just it was so boring and I just I really didn't like it at all so disappointed. And then they've released patches and they've tried to make it better and you know this there's all these missions in the end game. I'm never going to get that far because it's boring. It's just a boring game sadly. Definitely not worth the money for me. Is it is it wrong to give a game zero out of 10 that for.

Georgia - I love it. Go for it.

Chris - Okay I'm just going to go hard in here zero out and don't waste your money. But on the plus side I went back to playing Fallout 4 which is amazing. Go and get for that for much better than people say. And if you finally want to find anything that's actually good on the Xbox One X which I've managed to do you can get rich downloaded a recut version of Fallout New Vegas which is very very tasty to play so I recommend that.

Georgia - Question go what happened between Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 why so many missing games.

Chris - I couldn't tell you. But hopefully when they do eventually make them and fill in the gaps... some of them will be better than this one.



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