Review - Human: Fall Flat

Chris & Georgia review Human: Fall Flat
29 May 2019


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Chris and Georgia review Human: Fall Flat

Voiceover - I saw a sign. I had no clue what it tried telling me keep the dreams of falling by solving puzzles and using only your wits and physics. Human with zero superpowers given the right tools can do a lot. Explore some real dream escapes. Riddled with puzzles and distractions. A game where every rule can be bad. And every solution is welcome. Will you try to open that mysterious door. Or would you rather see how far you can throw a speaker set out the window.

Georgia - This is something I just came across in the Playstation shop while I was on holiday with my housemates and it's so weird. And that's what makes it so brilliant. So you're all these little horrible fleshy dough people while running around in this kind of weird abstract environment and all you can really do is run around and hold things. And if you if you if you're holding something you can lift it up or drop it. That's pretty much the entire game.

Chris - so that's all you can do. You can just grab stuff and drop stuff in the end.

Georgia - Yeah and you can jump.

Chris - Oh great.

Georgia - There's the two thing. But they thought really really hard about this and there's loads of different puzzles where you need to pick things up and drop things or grab things and move things around and just use the sort of physics mechanisms to try and get through different areas. And it's just kind of weirdly surreal and relaxing. You're running around you can also co-op which is always good always fuck up your friend and throw them off the map and they fall back down or you can like maybe there's a door you have to get through and you actually have to pick up a rock and drop it on the lock which breaks it or there's a catapult that you have to get in and launch the mechanism so there's like loads of loads of different things they've thought of. There's really really basic mechanic and it's just great.

Chris - Is it a bit like Little Big Planet when because you mentioned co-op and I was just thinking of it in some of the controls there. You know the character starts to sort of you know like ragdoll around the place and stuff and it sounds like it's co-op as well. It got that kind of feel to it.

Georgia - You know what I was actually looking for a little big planet really or to fly because I remembered really enjoying that uni and I couldn't find it. I did find this one and I thought it looked exactly the same kind of stupid foolin around getting into trouble kind of game and yeah it is quite similar but you don't have Stephen Fry's dulcet tones narrating. I mean you can’t have everything.

Chris - So what you reckon it sounds like is the game that is best played in co-op maybe.

Georgia Mills - I tend to think that about all games. I really like games where you can have a pal on the sofa and just try and solve it together. I think you can play on your own but it helps. It helps with the puzzles to have a buddy there who maybe you think slightly differently to you and you I think you can have up to eight people play WoW once which sounds like chaos. I may be a case of too many doughboys spoil the puzzle.

Chris - So give it a score out of 10 then what's your feeling.

Georgia - 8 out 10!



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