Review - Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus reviewed, is the latest instalment in the franchise any good?
02 June 2019


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Chris Berrow and Alex Rhodes review Metro Exodus which is a first person shooter set in Russia. It's based on Dmitry Glukhovsky novels and it follows the events of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

Voiceover - The sun on my face. Fresh air in my lungs. The grass beneath my feet. I'd heard of such things. Yet I lived in a world without. I have no recollection of life before the blast. Only if nothing else.

Chris - So I've been playing this one quite a lot Alex and I know that you played one of the original games in the series I suppose. How would you describe the atmosphere. It's quite dark isn't it. It's quite post apocalyptic.

Alex - Yes that kind of heavy oppressive atmosphere similar to like a fall out. And yeah the best thing about a game series I love a game series it's based on a book because it gives you such a sort of depth of world. So another example is the Witcher series. Of course you know you step it into a universe it's already you know someone's already done the hard work so much there to find and as I say I but I've only I played Metro 2033. The remake version basically and I was thinking now is it going to be bit too similar to Fallout but it's definitely more of a first person shooter than it is an RPG. So you know I think that's how it is sets itself out.

Chris - Well I tell you there's no question for me this is the best in the series so far. I've played a bit of Last Light I played a bit of 2033 but this one I've really played a lot more than I was expecting. Which is good because it was not that cheap. You know games nowadays are costing like 50 60 quid something. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a fair commitment isn't it. Yeah.

Alex - You better get your money's worth.

Chris - Exactly. But they cost more and more to produce don't they I mean cost of you know five years is a long time in game development and the product moves so far so quickly. Yeah.

Alex - Yes. So in terms of the new Metro game a lot more of it seems to be set outside from the gameplay trailers that I've seen. Does that give it sort of a bit you know cause I don't like the corridor shooters to know so I like a bit of open world.

Chris - This is a lot better though. So the best thing about this game is that the atmosphere and the environment and the maps that you end up on are absolutely enormous. So it's borrowing from fallout in that it's quite open plan you can tackle various missions in different orders. The gameplay itself is absolutely incredible it's definitely the best in the series by a long way that they've got rid of some of the problems with you know slow frame rates and stuff like that. There's a few complaints about some of the dialogue and these sort of English voice actors playing the Russian roles which aren't they're not brilliantly executed. If I'm honest with you I haven't put it on their best to their best accent. Yeah yeah it definitely feels like that but the missions are very varied I mean you get sent after companions you get asked to recover a guitar from a tower they say oh you know the guy playing the guitar there sucks and you can even find a teddy bear at one point, so they've tried their best to make it quite varied and as you all know from playing the original what's so great about this series of games is that there's really different kinds of gunplay. So there's one gun we have to pump it up at certain moments and you know you always have to worry about your breathing and your respirator and you've got to you know craft stuff for that that that's you know post apocalyptic stuff that's what you want you don't want that kind of ramshackle feel and you got to be conscious about the environment and stuff like that really just sort of adds to the world. The best thing about it as well as you do feel like you're surviving. You don't ever have a point where you think I've got enough bullets now I don't need to worry about it. You are counting bullets all the time.

Alex - Well that's good to hear because it is you know at its heart it's sometimes some you know you can either go down there first person shooter route or the survival horror route and it's good to you know I think to commit to the source survival side sometimes.

Chris - Yeah they definitely have. Another thing about games that I really hate is that if you get a headshot and then the person keeps running around you always think. But why. There's no way but in this game headshots counts headshots everything's great. You got to worry about the state of your equipment. You got to like say count bullets. It's great if you're a fan of the series. I would definitely recommend picking this one up at the only thing to mention mentioned that was a bit of a con for me is that the walking speed occasionally is just really really slow. So you feel like it takes quite a long time to get from A to B but then on the other hand that does ramp up the atmosphere a bit. So it's not a deal breaker but there are moments especially when you're in the desert and he's just saying come on mate get a move on come on. And the rowing stuff as well. If the rowing wasn't in the game I wouldn't be sad about it because it's the worst bit but when I saw on the gameplay trailers and I thought I'm not sure if that actually really adds much to it.

Alex - That's a you know it's it's interesting that you say that loading time as well very slow on the PlayStation 4 if you load out for the first time having not played for a while.

Chris - It can take a good five minutes to sign in but I guess that's the price you pay nowadays with modern releases. It's the same with everything in fact it's the same with our next one as well. I give it a good old seven out of ten and you can get it now on PC PS4 and Xbox One as well.



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