Review: Rugby 20

Now that the final version of Rugby 20 has been released, is it any good?
21 February 2020




Chris Berrow - Last time we played the Beta version of this game… Leigh won the Rugby World Cup


Gracious in victory…

Leigh Milner - Yes

Chris - This time round… I wanted revenge… and as Rugby 20 has been released in conjunction with the 6 Nations… it’s truly a grudge match... who will be the champion? Here we go...

Why is it auto selected? Italy for me does this, where does it want me to lose? I'm playing as your profile on the PlayStation. So if I lose and technically you lose just saying anywhere here you, England, you use the right analog stick to confound the defense is the different way. What's our again? Right and look, stick. Got the referee. Sounds like an idiot. There's no side mate. It's Leon that well known for um, skill. Oh, hello?


He kicked it out. Neil. Neil, 30 minutes in. Come on. Oh, you're going to do it as well. Aren't you going to do it as well? A bit nervous and it's sweaty. Oh, I've just given it away to you in the air. Just gave it away to you, but I've got to try. I just passed it into your hands. Great. It's going well so far. It's got five nil. Okay. Okay. Okay. To England. Which is better than they're doing the six nations. Nobody does. Right. Then here we go. I think Kearney margin for this. Well, it's not going well. Is it 10 mill to England so far? Why is this like a horrible flashback? Come on. Why do I all too familiar?

Yes, go on. Let's see. You can get the conversion here. No, not quite. Quite quite, quite wise. It's nice. 15 no mate, I don't, I think, yeah. Should call it a day. I'm enjoying this now. Game. Yeah.


Unbelievable scenes. Can I just say also Italy scoring a try is good. Did you like, did you like this? Look at the faster here. Look at that. Oh it number 13 Oh, your little jump at the end. Even high score scoring all and I didn't really care. I'm just happy. I'm just happy to play to be honest. Oh. Oh, that was good. It's good. Try good try. How long is left to go? You stay in the game. 15-10 to you, England, but I'm just pleased that Italy scored a try. How did I jump over your tackles? Right. And I get this conversion now just for glory, just for glory. Oh, it's gone badly. Wrong again, come badly wrong again.

Legh - Swing low. Sweet cherry. Uh, Chris is never gonna win.

Chris - Can I just say if you remember, I'm logged in as your profile. So technically you lost a fine well-played. Okay. So it wasn't the best performance that I've ever had, but I just like to say I was Italy. 

-was it better than the version we played last year?


Leigh - Yes. 

Chris - Rugby 20 is out now… on PS4, Xbox and PC for £50.



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