Simulator of the Month: Barber Shop Haircut Games 3D

Can Alex Rhodes learn to cut hair with the help of a video game? (No)
30 July 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A haircut gone wrong


Alex Rhodes attempts to learn how to cut hair in Barber Shop Haircut Games 3D...

Alex - Already the graphics are rough. I can see myself in the reflection. The guy, my victim has already sat down with completely white eyes. It looks like his eyes are rolled back into the head. My character is he's got like the eyes of a devil. His feet don't move it just kind of drifts around like a vampire. How do I cut his hair? Okay. Okay. I'm doing it. I'm doing that. Cut. Cut. I've tried not to stab him in the eyes. Okay. Let's get that fringe off there, sir. Did you have two ears when you came in? All right, sorry about that. This is not going very well at all. His hair is like incredibly patchy and uh, gross. It looks like the sink after you've shaved done. Oh, I did a good job. I absolutely butchered his look, but I did a good job. 


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