Virtual Reality Go Karting

Would you wear a VR headset and race a go kart?
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Paul Vowel, CEO of Noize TV


Go karts


The CEO of Noize TV Paul Vowel takes Chris Berrow through his latest technological development...

Paul - Immediately we understood what we were making just right when we sat down in the go kart trying to say it was everyone wants to be in Mario Kart and real life participate in fighting elements with your teammates and people watching... even spectators with an iPad share in the experience not just people with the glasses who are driving…

Chris - And this is something I've always wanted to happen when I've been go karting before. If you basically get the equivalent of a boost in your car, you know through your headset or someone you know might give you a boost from the sideline your vehicle goes faster.

Paul - It goes faster. Correct. The go karts themselves are set on four different speed variables. Everyone starts off at 2 and throughout the game you can progress up to 60 miles an hour. We can't go in and throw you know shells at each other, but we can't stop the go kart and give the same kind of experience... and the other viewers driving will see you spin out of control.

Chris - Is it quite a difficult thing to actually integrate when you're coming up with it in the first conception.

Paul - To my knowledge we're the only people in the world who have attempted this kind of motion integration into an experience. But the good news is we have put one in Las Vegas and everyone wants to go to Las Vegas. We plan on taking this on the road. I used to be a musician. I'm used to a life of touring. That's how I intend on implementing this.



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