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29 June 2021

If they ate the same things, would their gut bugs be the same?

29 June 2021

The trillions of organisms in the human body - how do they get there?

29 June 2021

Lemon and lime juice - if it gets on your skin - can cause a nasty rash in the sun. Why?

29 June 2021

Brain and bodyweight expert Giles Yeo says 'calories don't count'. Why?

29 June 2021

How does full sugar compare to artificial sweeteners?

02 March 2021

How can you make a normal TV look 3D?

23 February 2021

What were the health impacts of the vastly different diets and lifestyles of aristocrats and peasants?

16 February 2021

How would being in space affect the development of a foetus?

09 February 2021

Paola asks: would 'woven' blood vessels be able to perform diffusion properly?

02 February 2021

Seeking science to sort a shivery snag

15 December 2020

Why do females produce eggs inside the body, but males have to produce sperm outside the body?

15 December 2020

Listener Luke sent us a concern he's been hearing about the vaccine, so Chris Smith weighed in...

06 October 2020

Do bugs have the same "fight or flight" biology as us humans?

22 September 2020

Listener David asks how to measure time during space travel - and how the body clock gets affected...

08 September 2020

We can't hold in an answer any longer...

18 August 2020

Which does the brain deal with quickest?

14 July 2020

Why is the number needed so high?

30 June 2020

Listener Alice has already been infected with the coronavirus. What happens if she is exposed to it again?

19 May 2020

Do we all have the same number of nerve endings, regardless of body size?

05 May 2020

Do we really need an appendix?

21 April 2020

Everyone has gut bacteria that keep them healthy. How do babies get them if they're born by caesarian section?

07 April 2020

Or is the idea all smoke and mirrors?