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04 November 2019

Why, and how often, do we blink?

08 October 2019

How can you overcome anxiety disorder?

08 October 2019

Only four nucleotide 'bases' make up the code for all life...

08 October 2019

Why can you get such a sudden burst of anxiety?

08 October 2019

Why do some people get freckles but not others?

08 October 2019

Isn't that the worst time for it to happen?

08 October 2019

And how do you distinguish normal anxiety from anxiety disorder?

08 October 2019

And how much would it cost?

01 October 2019

Should you cool down cooked chicken?

17 September 2019

When you add pasta or rice to boiling water, why does it suddenly boil over?

10 September 2019

How can data help to improve performance in sport?

10 September 2019

What's the longest someone can hold their breath? And can you train for this?

10 September 2019

Can playing a musical instrument change your lungs?

13 August 2019

Can you train pain?

13 August 2019

Why do people get deja vu?

09 July 2019

How permanent is your blood type?

18 June 2019

And how likely would it?

14 May 2019

‘When I exhale there are carbon atoms in my breath, how long ago were they in my food or drink?’

07 May 2019

Why are some people fertile but can't produce offspring with their partner?