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08 June 2019

A new compound has been discovered that is able to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria...

06 June 2019

CRISPR gene edited twins have been found to have a 21% higher mortality rate before the age of 76.

05 June 2019

Heart plasters to replace heart muscle in patients recovering from a heart attack

30 May 2019

Could iron deficiency in the cells of the heart lead to heart failure?

24 May 2019

Tiny obstacle courses show bacteria adapt their movement to maintain speed.

10 May 2019

Meet T-Rex's pint-sized ancestor, revealed after twenty years of mystery...

03 May 2019

The largest ever genome-wide study of bipolar has found important new genetic links.

18 April 2019

Ancient DNA reveals farming was brought to Britain by migrants, not adopted by local hunter-gatherers.

27 March 2019

Sleep feels refreshing and we're groggy without it - but what actually causes it?

08 March 2019

For the second time in history, HIV has been successfully cleared from a patient’s blood stream...

01 March 2019

An injection of nanoparticles to the retina allows mice to see infrared light.

24 February 2019

Four new DNA building blocks that meet the criteria to encode life have been created by US scientists...

21 February 2019

Stiff membranes and an altered charge allow bugs to fend off drugs...

21 February 2019

Grasses steal from neighbours to survive...

19 February 2019

Bacteria may be tricking animals into eating microplastics

18 February 2019

A wireless brain-to-brain interface allows humans to guide live rats through a complex maze…

08 February 2019

A compound curbs mosquito appetite...

06 February 2019

A new discovery paves the way for a novel pre-eclampsia treatment...

01 February 2019

The molecule that makes memories fade...

25 January 2019

A rocking bed experiment made adults fall asleep faster

25 January 2019

Frailty in old age can be averted by exercising when young

24 January 2019

A bacterium is a better mosquito-repellent than commercially available products...

24 January 2019

Running a temperature improves our infection-fighting ability...

18 January 2019

New AI software scales up the data collection of large groups by identifying every single animal...