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25 July 2014

What causes contrails? Why do we get blood groups? Why do some wines give worse hangovers?

18 July 2014

Are there extra types of water? Where is belly-button fluff from? What causes nightmares?

11 July 2014

Why are humans so successful? Are new species still appearing? Is the sea getting saltier?

04 July 2014

Could a blind chameleon change colour? How are hurricanes named? How do birds navigate?

27 June 2014

What is spontaneous human combustion? Why did Luis Suarez bite someone?

20 June 2014

How much damage can bodies repair? How do I know how to whistle? How likely are aliens?

13 June 2014

What causes itching? Can parasites manipulate our behaviour? Why do we yawn?

06 June 2014

Are mothballs poisonous? How do chameleons change colour? Why do people open their mouth when they apply mascara? What...

30 May 2014

What does coffee do to my heart rate? Why are hailstones round? How do you avoid getting seasick? Are energy drinks bad...

23 May 2014

What sort of star is the Sun? How are calories in food calculated? What gives water its colour? What is sleep paralysis?

16 May 2014

Are flies getting harder to swat? Why does more food in the microwave take longer to cook? Should penicillin-allergic...

02 May 2014

The building blocks of life, what is a virus? Why don't whales get the bends? How do 93 and 95 octane fuels differ?

25 April 2014

Plus, are you better off circumcised? And can planets exist without a parent star to orbit?

17 April 2014

The Naked Scientists appear in the flesh at Primedia Place, home of 702, to answer questions from the live audience...

11 April 2014

How have doctors grown new vaginas in vitro? Are fires feasible in space? Why does the moon always show to same face to...

04 April 2014

What's inside Enceladus? How do we make water safe for drinking? How Sunny is it on Saturn's moons? What...

28 March 2014

How do scientists make synthetic chromosomes? How does heat radiate? Where does oxygen come from? Why does anxiety make...

21 March 2014

Is gravity waves from the Big Bang a big deal? Is evolution still occurring? Why does water boil at lower temperature...

14 March 2014

How the processing power of a brain compares with a computer and why the bubbles in Guinness go downwards...

08 March 2014

Can weather be manipulated? Will wet coal produce less electricity in a power station? Why does curry make my nose run?

28 February 2014

Can a mobile phone between the legs affect fertility? Why does wet cornflour stiffen when squeezed? Does light at night...

21 February 2014

The cause of a blood red moon, upper limits for temperature and are e-cigarettes safer?

07 February 2014

How does acid produce stem cells? Why do carpets creep across the floor? Where does dust come from? What's special...

31 January 2014

How does light accelerate in a less-dense medium? How do climbing plants twist around a stake? Why would stainless...