The Dominant Force in the Universe

25 May 2012


When did Dark Energy become the dominant force in the universe? In this month's Naked Astronomy, we look back at the history of our expanding universe to find out when gravity lost its grip. We also examine the global trade in meteorites to explore the tension between scientists and collectors. Plus, we answer a bumper crop of your questions.

In this episode

Could we detect evidence of civilisation on the night side of a transiting planet?

Figure 4: Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Recently, astronomers using the Hubble unveiled the deepest look into the universe yet, showing what could be the most distant and the youngest galaxies ever seen.

When Dark Energy Took Over
with Prof. Will Percival and Dr Rita Tojero, University of Portsmouth

A 4.5kg individual meteorite from the Gibeon meteorite field. Gibeon is a fine octahedrite, class IVA. This specimen is about 19cm wide.

The International Meteorite Market
with Audrey Tempelsman


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