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15 December 2016

Fossil footprints, taking research from bench to bedside, and the food coma effect...

15 November 2016

First heartbeats, African sleeping sickness, elephant genetics and rubber hand illusions

07 October 2016

Ancient proteins, mosquito nets, resourceful plants and cocktail party conversations...

30 August 2016

Human height, fish joints, colour vision, chimpanzees using tools and open science...

30 June 2016

Drug production, early career researchers, honeybees, human migrations and pain.

25 May 2016

In this episode of the eLife podcast: parasitic worms, dog tumours and epilepsy.

23 March 2016

In this episode: antibiotic resistance, artificial fingertips and ancient DNA.

09 February 2016

X-rays see inside fossil insects, monkeys that gamble, and moving meals impacts memory.

23 December 2015

Heat-seeking mosquitoes, coral spawning, social insect evolution and regenerating newts...

11 November 2015

Deep-sea bacteria, cigarette smoke and the benefits of sleep.

02 October 2015

Parkinson's Disease, depression, chickenpox, bats and beetles.

10 September 2015

A new species of early human ancestor - Homo naledi - has been uncovered in South Africa

27 July 2015

Cancer, dengue fever, sperm DNA and neurons that are sensitive to magnetic fields.

24 June 2015

Tinnitus, hyperacusis, salamanders, chemical harpoons, fly duets and mouse ultrasound...

19 May 2015

Echolocation, bacteriophages, babies and pain, food on the brain, and fish sunscreen

17 April 2015

Herpes, breweries, model organisms, social interactions in rats, and brain injured flies

09 March 2015

TB, HIV, the smell of a handshake and what makes ants social...

06 February 2015

Remote-controlled sperm, hibernation, body clocks, and why stress is linked to infertility

23 December 2014

In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about reproducibility and drug resistance.

31 October 2014

Influenza, overeating, cannabis and the brain, HIV cure research, and sea squirts...

30 September 2014

The spread of Ebola, research misconduct, aging in yeast, fly grooming and symbiosis...

31 July 2014

Photos for facial diagonoses, making blind mice see and why hybrids aren't successful...

10 June 2014

The neuroscience of chewing, sleeping sickness, the proteins that move molecules around cells, skin cancer, and the...

30 April 2014

Pain, gene therapy, insulin production, and aging in worms...